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Breaking Barriers (Simplify Task Initiation, Execution, and Completion)

Breaking Barriers (Simplify Task Initiation, Execution, and Completion)


Struggling with everyday chores, like laundry or dishes? Frustrated by less-frequent (but necessary) tasks like buying new shoes for the kids or scheduling a dentist appointment? Wanting to lean into self-growth activities like cooking healthy meals, exercising, or reading, and just not sure why it's so hard for you?


Breaking Barriers is a critical thinking tool with a unique approach - First, you'll simply pick any task that is challenging for you and answer the 14 journal prompts in regards to that task. Next, you'll circle any prompt number that brought up feelings of negativity - this is likely a barrier for you that makes the task more frustrating than it needs to be. Lastly, you'll be given specific ways to break any barrier(s) that you identified, leading to a simplified, streamlined, and less overwhelming experience for you when completing that task in the future.


Breaking Barriers has never been so simple!


Please note: This product is a digital download, not a physical product.

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