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Clothes Minded: A Closet Decluttering Guide

Clothes Minded: A Closet Decluttering Guide


Simplify your closet with this brand-new wardrobe decluttering guide!


This 17-page interactive workbook includes:


  • Intake:
    • Reasons that a simplified closet is beneficial
    • 3 Causes of why you might have so many clothes/acessories in the first place
    • Critical thinking activities to identify your reason(s) for decluttering and what you want this process to feel like
  • Mindset Shifts:
    • Breaking down the 6 most common decluttering barriers
      • Expensive items
      • Clothing that doesn't fit
      • Special occasion attire
      • Sentimental items
      • Gifts
      • "Just in Case" closet pieces)
  • Interactive Tools:
    • The Consideration Corner (the most thorough way to go through clothing piece by piece)
    • My signature FIVE method (a simple and straightforward way to choose clothing by looking at what matters most - fit, intactness, versatility, and expression)
    • The Clearing out the Closet holistic inventory system (a way to look at your closet as a whole and curate a specific number of pieces in each category based on your lifestyle preferences)
    • Two open-ended trackers designed to help you "gamify" the decluttering process to ensure decluttering success


Please note: This product is a digital download, not a physical product.

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