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Clutter-Free Christmas

Clutter-Free Christmas


Simplify things this holiday season by utilizing the brand-new Clutter-Free Christmas guide!


This 24-page resource includes:


  • Prompts for your family to brainstorm this year's Christmas vision - What is really important to you? How do you want to feel while preparing for and experiencing Christmas magic?
  • The 24 Days of Christmas Decluttering checklist - a simple way to clear your home out for the big day (plus a bonus page for decluttering Christmas decorations)
  • A 5-Step process for decluttering with children - my credentials include a bachelor's degree in elementary education, 7 years of teaching PreK - 5th grade, and multiple child development and child psychology courses
  • The Clutter-Free Gift Trinity method - with several pages of experience, upgrade, or consumable gift ideas, plus brainstorming pages for you to come up with your own
  • Scripting tips and examples to help you explain your vision to others - plus a page for you to write your own script and practice using it
  • Options for what to do when your loved ones don't respect your request - because we all have that in-law or grandparent who just doesn't get it
  • A master Christmas Gift Planner - with spaces for the receiver's name, gift idea, budget, and source


Please note: This product is a digital download, not a physical product.


Another note: This guide is specifically geared toward the Christmas holiday, because that is a holiday I am familiar with. The guide contains mention of Santa Claus, has pictures of Christmas trees/other Christmas decorations, and uses Christmas-specific language for this reason. That being said, the content in the guide can be easily translated for any holiday that includes environment, tradition, and gift-giving. If you purchase the guide and find that it was not helpful for you due to cultural/religious differences, reach out to receive a full refund.

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