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Excess, Be Gone - Comprehensive Decluttering Guide

Excess, Be Gone - Comprehensive Decluttering Guide


Are you tired of waking up every day surrounded by clutter and mess? Are you ready to break down your barriers to decluttering and reframe your mindsets to ensure success?


Excess, Be Gone! is a comprehensive decluttering guide that I've created just for you.


It took me years to claw my way out of an extremely cluttered home, and I finally found peace through a number of tools and strategies that I collected and created along the way. I don't want you to struggle the way that I did, so in this guide I've included all of the best tips and tricks laid out in a way that's easy to understand and simple to follow.


This 61-page digital download includes a variety of different resources, including:


• An intake quiz to gauge how your space is currently functioning


• Eight journaling activities for you to gather thoughts and ideas


• Two interactive ranking activities to help you see your priorities clearly


• Six different research-based trackers to ensure success while decluttering (including a ten-week tournament game to play with an accountability partner)


• A detailed explanation of the five causes of clutter


• Lessons on reframing common barriers to decluttering - including:

        • My 7-step strategy to get your household members on board

        • How to declutter expensive items

        • How to reframe regrets about decluttering

        • My signature "Risk-Free Decluttering" method, which allows you to skip the deliberation process and simply practice living without the item before you make a final decision

        • A bonus page that includes a risky strategy for those who need to get decluttering done quickly and are bold enough to take on the challenge

        • A lesson on "The Three Selves" and how to determine who you're actually keeping items for (and why you can get rid of them if they're not for Authentic Self)

        • How to decide which "Just in Case" items are worth keeping using my simple 3-part questionnaire and the "When Vs If" method

        • Other frequently asked mindset questions


• Tools to help you actually get started decluttering, including:

        • How to set yourself up for success with materials ahead of time

        • My "Think Tank" method (poster and workbook page), which is a list of twelve guiding questions to help you determine if an item is worth keeping or discarding

        • A simple decluttering song (audio included) that I wrote specifically to get stuck in your head and help you as you make decisions

        • A big checklist of 52 Things to Declutter (focus on just one category per week and you'll have the whole house done in a year!)

        • A lesson on the Onion Method and an included tracker so you can peel back layers of items until you get to the "core" - only what you need and/or love


• Strategies for specific areas of the house, including: 

        • My "FIVE" acronym for decluttering the closet

        • An interactive workbook page to inventory the clothing that you have - and my recommendation on how many items per category you should keep based on how often you wear them

        • My "The Year of the Kitchen" method, which breaks down this tough area into bite-size pieces

        • My 9-step "Bathroom Breakdown"

        • The Three Phases of Paper Clutter

        • A digital decluttering checklist

        • How to declutter sentimental items using the metrics of usefulness, connection, and honor


• Four pages made in collaboration with my friend Christen Fackler (a professional organizer with over a decade of experience) including:

       • 4 Ways to Discard Items

       • Christen's "Family, Cousins, and Coworkers" organizational method to help you find a home for every item you decide to keep

       • Organizational storage solutions based on the size of the items


Invest today, see the benefits for years to come!


This product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will refund you in full. 

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