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FREE! F-I-V-E Wardrobe Decluttering Visual Aid

FREE! F-I-V-E Wardrobe Decluttering Visual Aid


This FREE visual aid is designed to help you declutter your closet by prioritizing the most important aspects of your clothing. Print it out and refer to it when you're hesitating on whether to keep or discard clothing.


F - Fits My Body 


Can you sit in the item comfortably? Could you run if you needed to? Does it feel good around your tummy? Your waist? Your shoulders?


I - Intact


Is the item free of rips, stains, or holes? Does the fabric of the item feel comfortable on your skin? Are the colors faded? Does the item look pilled or worn?


V - Versatile


How often would you have somewhere to wear this item? How many other items in your closet does it match?


E - Expresses My Style


Does this item make you feel confident? Do you like the colors? The pattern? The cut?


Please note: This product is a digital download, not a physical product.

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