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Think Tank Combo Kit (Poster + Workbook Page)

Think Tank Combo Kit (Poster + Workbook Page)


The Think Tank Combo Kit (Poster + Workbook Page) is a critical thinking tool that helps you decide whether to keep or discard an item that you're unsure about. The list of  twelve questions walks you through different aspects of decluttering that you might not usually think about - ultimately leading you to justify your decision either way. 


This visual aid works great for people on either end of the spectrum - whether you toss things without a moment's thought or hesitate for what feels like forever on something you really don't need. You'll be shocked at how quickly the deliberation phase subsides with a little practice!


Hang the poster up as a reminder, save it as the background of your phone, or print out the workbook page to assist you in deciding on what to keep and what to discard - the choice is up to you. Happy deliberating!


Please note: This product is included in the Excess, Be Gone Comprehensive Guide. If you purchase that, you will not need to make a separate purchase for this item.


Please note: This product is a digital download, not a physical product.

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